Published on 19-08-2013 

Reclaim foreign VAT 2012

The deadline for reclaiming foreign VAT paid in another country must be filed before October 1, 2013, which can be done electronically with the tax authorities in your own EU country.

Request to the tax authorities in own country

Your own country will then transfer the request to the tax authorities of the EU country where the refund takes place. If you want to reclaim VAT over the year 2012, the request must be filed with the Tax Administration on 30 September at the latest.

VAT refund in the Netherlands – procedure

In the Netherlands a refund request for foreign paid VAT must be submitted through a special website of the Dutch Tax Administration. Please click here for this website.

You will need login data. If you do not yet have this, you may apply for it through here. If you have forgotten your login data, please do not apply for it again but contact the Dutch tax authorities (0800-0543).

We note further that If you perform taxable supplies in the EU country that must refund the VAT and you have to

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