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Filing the income tax return 2014

Filing the income tax return 2014 is every year for everybody in the Netherlands mandatory. Especially expats living in the Netherlands might have difficulties with filing the 2014 Dutch personal income tax return. Most of the time you receive at the end of January / beginning of February the “blue envelop” which is the invitation of the Dutch tax authorities to file your 2014 income tax return.

MFFA Tax Advice can assist you with filing the Dutch personal income tax return for the year 2014 or previous years.

Frequently asked question – income tax return 2014

We receive many times questions regarding the Dutch personal income tax return. Please find below an overview of these frequently asked questions:


What kind of information is needed for filing the personal income tax return 2014

We need to have the following information from you, if we file the 2014 Dutch personal income tax return for you:

  • The tax return issued by the Dutch tax authorities
  • The 2014 annual income overview issued by the employer (jaaropgave)
  • The paid mortgage interest amount for 2014 and the WOZ value of your house (if applicable)
  • Study costs paid (if applicable and more then € 500)
  • Overview of your world wide assets (if applicable)
  • In case you are living together or if you are married, info about your partner (name, BSN)


When is a M-form used in the Netherlands?

The M-form (Migration form in Dutch) is used in a year when a person migrates to or out of the Netherlands (emigrate / immigrate). The M- form shows a foreign period and resident periods. Based on the tax treaty it can be determined if specific foreign income must be reported or not.

The M form is a quite complicated tax form and cannot filed electronically but only in hardcopy. Filing the regular tax return in the second year will be done with our electronic system. If necessary, we can use our special extension ruling which we concluded with the Dutch tax authorities. The ruling allows us to file the personal income tax return later (May 1st of the next year).

When is the filing deadline for the Dutch personal income tax return?

The deadline for filing the income tax return 2014 is April 1, 2015. It is also possible to join our special extension program we concluded with the Dutch tax authorities if you want. See our brochure “filing deadline tax returns in the Netherlands”

Can I have a tax refund, if I am not working the whole year in the Netherlands?

If you did not work the whole year in the Netherlands, so you worked temporary here, you see many times that this lead to a tax refund. Also people who are not living in the Netherlands but only worked for a short period of time here will have a tax refund.

Reasons why you receive a tax refund?

  • The calculation of the payroll tax is based on a yearly income. The payroll department is using tax rates which are applicable for a year. However, if you work less then a year, the tax rate is lower. The tax money can be claimed in the income tax return
  • Everybody who works in the Netherlands is entitled for a full tax credit. The payroll department takes into consideration for each month 1/12 of the tax credits (algemene heffingskorting / arbeidskorting). In case you did not work the whole tax year, you have not received the maximum tax credits yet. This can be claimed by filing a tax return.

Want more info about filing income tax return 2014 in the Netherlands

Do you want more info about filing the Dutch income tax return 2013? You can contact us through our contactform or call us +31 (0)85 00 30140.

Also check the website of the Dutch tax authorities.


  1. arun 29/03/2015 at 12:52 - Reply

    I am working in Venray from April 2014 till now . I am qualified with 30% ruling. So far i didn’t get any M form.
    I would like to know how you can help me in filing the tax and to get other tax benefits .
    Please let me know you fees and other details.


    • Folkert Mijlof 31/03/2015 at 17:39 - Reply

      Dear Arun. We are specialized in filing this m-form for people who come or leave the Netherlands. Please contact us by telephone so we can explain you our way of working. BR Folkert Mijlof

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