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Personal income tax return in the Netherlands

Personal income tax return - file income tax return Netherlands - filing Dutch income tax return - belastingaangifte 2014

Do you need to file your 2014 personal income tax return in the Netherlands and you received the “blue envelope” from the Dutch tax authorities (belastingdienst)? MFFA Tax advice can support and assist you with this if you live in the Netherlands or abroad. At the end of this article we will describe what we need from you to complete and file the Dutch income tax return for individuals.

In order to provide as good as possible services to you we have prepared a brochure called ”Income tax and social security in the Netherlands”. The brochure supports employers and employees with personal income tax questions in the Netherlands.

For those who are leaving the Netherlands / emigrating, click here

Personal income tax return – Frequently asked question

We receive many times questions regarding the Dutch personal income tax return. Please find below an overview of these frequently asked questions: