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As a Dutch tax advisor, MFFA Tax Advice is located in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Assen and Eindhoven. The Dutch tax advisors of MFFA Tax advice are offering a full range of Dutch tax advice, tax compliance and accounting services (one stop shop). Besides that we have big-four experience, we distinguish ourselves with our academic and pragmatic approach. As tax advisor in the Netherlands our clients consists of expats, (starting) freelancers, family businesses, individuals, foreign companies being active or using the Netherlands as hub /gateway with a holding / financing company for US, Asia and EMEA markets.

Which services do we provide as Dutch tax advisor?

The focus of MFFA Tax Advice is on individuals and businesses making cross-border investments or cross-border operations, providing the following services:


Folkert Mijlof Dutch Tax Advisor

Folkert Mijlof
Senior Partner
National & international clients

Folkert Mijlof is the founder of MFFA Tax Advice. As an entrepreneur / tax advisor he has over more than 30 years extensive experience in advising national / international companies and expats.

In order to provide the best possible solution to the client, he always tries to see everything through the eyes of the client. Folkert distinguish himself by providing up to date tax advice that works for the client. The key to succes is sharing. As you can read on our website, we share our knowledge by writing articles.

In his spare time he likes running (marathons Berlin 2007 / New York 2008) and playing golf.

  • Tax planning / structuring
  • Cross border working / cross border transactions
  • Merger & aquisitions
  • Payroll services
  • Set up a business administration
  • Local assistance with application bank account, insurance etc.
Jeroen Mijlof Dutch Tax Advisor

Jeroen Mijlof
National & international clients

Jeroen Mijlof studied Tax law at Groningen University and has a degree in Economics. He started his career at the Dutch tax authorities where he acquired and established valuable contacts. Subsequently, Jeroen worked for the larger Dutch tax advisory firms (big-4) where he gained a broad experience in international and Dutch tax law for individuals and companies.

Jeroen distinguish himself by providing pragmatic tax advice where the result is clear for the client. He is the “Dutch tax expert” for Internations. which is a leading network & guide for expatriates and companies. In his spare time Jeroen likes to travel the world and experience different cultures.

  • Tax planning / structuring
  • Cross border working / cross border transactions
  • VAT transactions
  • Tax compliance
  • Expat taxation / migration services
  • Tax litigation
Guido van Asperen Counsel

Guido van Asperen
National & international clients

Guido van Asperen has over 15 years of experience in international and national taxation including tax planning, value chain optimization and restructuring. Guido worked for several renowned advisory firms, including big 4. His academic achievements include master degrees in Financial Economics, Tax Law and Tax Economics and a post master degree in International Taxation and European Tax Law.

As project manager he has significant experience in multi-country projects. His understanding of the business and resulting requirements, reduces the need for clients to put their own resources to work. Managing and implementing projects in time and within the budgeted costs is one of his strengths.

  • Tax planning / structurering
  • Project management
  • Advanced Tax Rulings and Advanced Price Agreements
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisition

Our values

Our values consist of serving our clients as best as we can. We think that we can only be successful if our clients are successful. We always try to solve the most difficult problems for our clients. This requires expertise and empathy to our clients.

When we provide services to our clients our core values are:

  • Transparency & integrity
  • Putting the clients interest above everything
  • Keeping the clients information confidential

Do you want to contact our Dutch tax advisors because you have a specific question regarding Dutch tax advice or want to use us as outsourcing bureau? Our initial thoughts are free of charge. We have a worldwide network of tax advisors in several countries. Please contact us through our contact form or call +31 (0)85 00 30140