International Tax

International tax services

MFFA Tax Advice consists of tax advisors who have experience in the international tax arena. We support foreign companies (EMEA, Asia or US based) wishing to invest in the Netherlands, or that want to use the Netherlands as a jurisdiction for holding, finance and royalty companies. If needed, we have an international network that we can rely on.

Which international tax services?

The international tax advice and counselling that we offer, consist among others of the following topics:

  • Tax structuring / tax planning
  • Investing in the Netherlands
  • Choice of legal form abroad, in order to minimize tax. Setting up a permanent establishment (branch), or incorporating a foreign subsidiary?
  • Incorporate Dutch B.V.
  • Registration Dutch chamber of commerce and Dutch tax authorities
  • Implementation and setting up payroll administration, filing wage tax return
  • Accounting services Netherlands
  • Preparation of the annual accounts
  • Compliance work (CIT, VAT)
  • Billing/invoicing related issues for VAT purposes
  • Transfer of domestic activities abroad
  • Tax opinions
  • Ruling requests with the Dutch tax authorities
  • Expat advice

For those, who would like to know more about the Dutch tax system, we have prepared a brochure called income tax and social security.

More info about international tax?

Do you want more info about our international tax services? Do you want to make the best use of your tax options? Would you like a sound and practical tax advice, so that tax risks such wrongfully imposed assessments and penalties may be avoided? Please feel free to contact us through the contact form. You can also call: +31 (0) 85 0030140.