Tax litigation

Tax litigation – objection – appeal

If you have received incorrect assessments, had fines imposed by the tax authorities, wish to object against or appeal to a decision from the Dutch tax authorities, or if you have had a tax audit held by the Dutch tax authorities, MFFA has sound expertise and the right contacts to assist you as well during difficult times.

We will promptly liaise with the tax authorities and try to achieve a solution.

We control all issues very well, such as the follow-up procedures, lodging of an objection, the filing of a motivated appeal and the closing of a deal with the Dutch tax authorities, because of our longstanding experience and contacts with the Dutch tax authorities. We have had many successes of objection and appeal procedures, which were decided in our (clients) favour.

Do you need advice regarding tax litigation issues or tax questionnaires?

Please feel free to contact us through the contact form. You can also call us from within The Netherlands at (0)85 0030140 or call us from abroad at +31 (0)20 2615615.