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MFFA tax advice located in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Assen and Eindhoven (the Netherlands), offers a wide range of administrative, legal and Dutch tax services for both domestic, and foreign taxpayers. We are happy to assist not only existing organisations, but also starting freelancers and entrepreneurs, who wish to reorganize or extend their business.

In addition to advising companies and organisations that are already carrying out an active trade or business in the Netherlands, we also have expertise in minimising the Dutch tax burden for international companies wishing to use the Netherlands as a jurisdiction for holding- finance or royalty companies or that wish to set up a distribution vehicle.

In short, we can arrange starting up an activity in the Netherlands from start to finish. This means we support you with the registration at the chamber of commerce and with the Dutch tax authorities. Therefore, we have prepared for employers and employees a brochure called “Income Tax and Social Security in the Netherlands”.

  • Income: preparation and filing of the personal income tax return
  • Income tax advice: mortgage deduction regarding own home, second home, savings scheme, changing business (sole proprietor to BV), annuity, retirement, tax planning, listed building, divorce, TBS scheme, crowdfunding
  • Advising on the international tax and social security consequences of severance payments
  • Providing personal tax assistance to board members and senior management
  • Compensation & benefits, International assignments in the Netherlands
  • Second opinion, review, scan of provided Dutch tax advice
  • International tax advice: application of the 30%-ruling, Dutch tax planning (asset protection), emigration/ immigration, temporary stay abroad, social security / premiums, pensions (401K plan, IRA etc) staff secondments, migration advice, residence permit / work permit (MVV/TWV), request exemption deduction wage tax / social security premiums (LBB 20)
  • Salary administration: payslip, filing income tax returns, annual statements preparation, registration tax, contract drafting etc.
  • Payroll tax advice payroll scan, work permit, residence permit, assessment allowance, allowances and benefits staff, labor costs, salary split, request WBSO scheme, application of the 30%-ruling, social security / contributions, benefits, international assignments
  • Income tax returns: filing the corporate income tax return, general partnership / partnership
  • Income tax advice: setting up and implementation of setting up a business abroad or in the Netherlands, tax structuring, elimination/liquidation of Dutch B.V., settle/carry forward losses, inter-company finance, merger and aquisition advice/implementation, investing abroad or in the Netherlands, expand
  • VAT tax return: preparation and filing of the VAT tax returns, European Sales Listing (ESL), Intrastat, reclaim foreign EU VAT
  • VAT advice: VAT quick-scan, registration abroad, fiscal agent, fiscal representation, import / export, real estate transactions, transfer taxes, billing/invoicing advice, reverse charge, tax group, article 23 license application
  • Corporate income tax: file and prepare the corporate income tax return (single and fiscal unity)
  • Corporate income tax advice: merger and acquisition, transfer of shares, expand, (re-) structuring, take over, business acquisition, apply for a ruling, setting up a Dutch BV, risk permanent establishment, structuring, setting up foreign permanent establishment, transfer pricing, innovation box, Research & Development allowance (RDA), application investment (EIA, MIA Vamil), APA / ATR, tonnage tax scheme
  • Assisting and supporting tax litigation / disputes with the tax authorities (lodging an objection / filing an appeal)
  • Assisting the taxpayer in audits held by the Dutch tax authorities.
  • International advice: registration at the chamber of commerce or with the Dutch tax authorities, establish optimal structure, structuring, tax planning, setting up foreign entity, permanent establishment/foreign branche, subcontracting , foreign subcontractors in the Netherlands, tax reduction, tax planning, freelance in the Netherlands from abroad, event / exhibition VAT advice, set up in the Netherlands holding / finance company ,investing in the Netherlands, setting up European distribution centre / hub / sales, assignment / secondment of employees
  • Advising on the international tax and social security consequences, severance payments, employment tax;
  • Providing personal tax assistance to board members and senior management;
  • Compensation & benefits, International assignments in the Netherlands
  • Assistance with various tax issues (opinion / statement), obtaining advance tax rulings from the Dutch tax authorities;
  • Tax structuring: Using the Netherlands as Gateway for Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA), Dutch Cooperative (Dutch Coop)
  • VAT advice Netherlands: invoicing, intra-community supply / acquisition, import / export, ESL, Intrastat, Dutch VAT registration of foreign company, tax representative, Netherlands VAT explained, reclaiming Dutch or foreign VAT via Dutch or foreign portal
  • Transfer pricing advice
  • Dividend advice: reduction dividend tax, minimizing dividend withholding tax

Do you wish to minimize your tax burden and wish to be aware of your tax opportunities or need Dutch tax advice? Please feel free to contact us. We will guide you with your taxation options after having talked to you.

On the website “your Europe” you find also handy info about registration procedures, licences etc in all the EU-countries.

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