Expat Taxation in the Netherlands

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Published on 31-07-2013  Expat Taxation in the Netherlands Unless you plan to go to a tax haven, such as the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas, taxation is an inevitable though unpleasant topic, no matter where you live. If you move [...]

Mortgage Interest Deduction – Expats

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Published on 01-07-2013  Mortgage interest deduction - Expats If you are an expat in the Netherlands, you can also benefit from the mortgage interest deduction if you buy a house in the Netherlands (see our brochure). The reason for buying a house [...]

Lbb20 – Foreigners living Abroad

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Published on 27-06-2013  Lbb20 statement - Fiscal issues Dutch tax resident who lives abroad The Lbb 20 statement was normally granted for three years but the Secretary of State has indicated that the validity of a Lbb 20 statement is extended to ten years. A Lbb20 statement is a wage tax or/and social [...]