30% ruling and start your own business

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Start your own business and the 30% ruling Many expats living in the Netherlands have the 30% ruling obtained when they were working for an employer, but what many expats do not know is that they can have the 30% ruling if they have their own Dutch BV or company. For example, a dentist, [...]

Expat Taxation in the Netherlands

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Expat Taxation in the Netherlands Unless you plan to go to a tax haven, such as the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas, taxation is an inevitable though unpleasant topic, no matter where you live. If you move to the Netherlands, you have to pay income tax as well. In order to get an idea how [...]

Mortgage Interest Deduction – Expats

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Published on 01-07-2013  Mortgage interest deduction - Expats If you are an expat in the Netherlands, you can also benefit from the mortgage interest deduction if you buy a house in the Netherlands. The reason for buying a house in the Netherlands is because the rents are very high, the average interest rate is low [...]

Lbb20 – Foreigners living Abroad

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Published on 27-06-2013  Lbb20 statement - Fiscal issues Dutch tax resident who lives abroad The Lbb 20 statement was normally granted for three years but the Secretary of State has indicated that the validity of a Lbb 20 statement is extended to ten years. A Lbb20 statement is a wage tax or/and social security exemption statement for foreigners who live abroad but are considered to be a Dutch tax resident. This [...]